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Break Free & Gain Independence

Start putting your hard-earned personal brand equity to work with a firm focused on the right financial metrics.

Advisor Consulting

FWA is an alternative path for seasoned financial advisors seeking an avenue to maximize their income and impact.  Our independent platform eliminates the headaches of constantly changing fee structures, sales quotas, and proprietary products.



Join Our Team Of Independent Advisors

We offer a multi-custodian platform that allows you to do your business the way you want to do it. From insurance brokerage services to back-office financial management and record-keeping. We also retain an agency on record to help us work better as a collective to elevate and improve public perception of financial advisors and the benefits of independence.



Consult With Us About Going Independent

We provide consulting services to a variety of financial advisors seeking counsel with their exit strategy from large, investment firms. Whether you want to join FWA, launch your own venture, or create your own succession plan, FWA is the right partner for you.

Contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Protect Your Clients & Defend Your Hard-Earned Equity

Learn more about how leaving your firm and going independent can take your business to the next level. We can help you adopt our flag or fly your own.

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